Recto STORM Black Magic Inline Speed Skate


Technical info

Shoe- The base’s material is pure carbon 5 layer, making it Aerodynamic and Lightweight. 

Frame-  7025 Series aluminium lightweight frame with multiple adjust mount hole.   

Frame- Mounting Sizes- 155mm, 165mm, and 195mm.

Frame size-  10.8 inches, 11.5 inches, 12 inches, and 13 inches.

Wheel- MPC Black Magic Speed Wheels

Wheel options- 90×4, 100×4, 110×4

Bearing- Swiss Gold White Ceramic Bearing

They feature a comfortable fit, breathable shell design, and a balanced frame for power and stability. Whether you’re skating indoors or outdoors, these skates will never disappoint you. Team them up with safety pads and a helmet to get going!

Size Note : – Choose 2cm extra size as follow you exact size in cm. For taking exact size in cm review once size chart menu for sample image.

Size Guide
Image Size Guide

Are you looking for a skate session with comfort and glide performance? Take your skates to the next level with these comfortable, high-performance skates. With Recto Tag Inline Speed skates you will never be alone, the shoes, wheels, and bearings will support you forever! 

SHOE- The Storm Professional Inline Speed Skates made in Korea has a 5 layer carbon boot which is designed for serious inline speed skaters. It features a lightweight and streamlined design for increased speed and agility on the track. The shoe has a breathable upper made of Korean micro fibre with air holes to keep your feet cool and comfortable during long sessions. The shoe also features a carbon fibre reinforced heel and toe cap for superior support and durability. The shoe has a highly cushioned insole and a slim EVA midsole that provide maximum shock absorption. The shoe is equipped with 72″ Cotton Wax High Strength Professional Skate Laces for a customised fit.

FRAME- They feature an Aluminum 6000 Series Aircraft T-6 Frame with solid weight strength, which helps in increasing your speed. The open cuts on this frame help maintain its strength, and this is what makes it more lightweight. The frames for Recto Inline Speed Skates come in four sizes: 10.25”, 11.25”,12.4”, and 13”. The mounting of these frames is 150, 165, and 195.

BEARING- The STORM Professional Inline Speed Skates offer a unique combination of speed and comfort. The high-performance ABEC-9 series High-Speed bearings provide the smoothest ride possible. With an incredibly precise ball and a finely polished track surface, the Storm professional 608/8mm bearing performs at an incredibly high level.

WHEEL-  MPC Black Magic Inline Speed Skating Wheels are the apex of MPC’s wheel offerings, combining their best hub design and urethane mix.

Consistent performance, no matter where you skate.

It worth mentioning the world record was set on the Black Magic Wheel, and at a half second per lap faster than the competition.

MPC’s patented MTech® Soft Heart, Hard Body™ Technology

Combines a soft inner ring with a harder outer urethane.

Suitable for both road and indoor track skating.

FIRM when race conditions are rough or slick.

XFIRM when race conditions are hard, smooth and dry.

XXFIRM when you want maximum roll.. Maximum speed.

Straight-Line Speed ; All-Road/Track Surface Efficiency ; Energy Saving Rebound ; Reliable Grip ; M-Tech Optimisation.

Sizes: 80mm 90mm, 100mm, 110mm or 125mm

Type: Speed (Road or Track)


83A (FIRM)




Resilient inner band provides rebound for good roll on smooth or rough asphalt

Inner band allows flex on corners for a secure footprint and grip

High duo meter outer urethane reduces straight-line footprint

M-Tech optimisation

Hub: Spoked Windmill Hub

Size: 84mm, 90mm, 100mm, 105mm, 110mm, or 125mm

Type: Speed (Road or Track)





Bearings included: None

Warranty: None

Note- You’ll get a professional bag with these  Skate Combo with 1 year complete warranty. Accidental damage not cover in warranty.


Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 35 × 30 × 15 cm
Shoes Size

US-3, Euro-35, (22.3cm), US-4, Euro-36, (23.0cm), US-5, Euro-37, (23.7cm), US-6, Euro-38, (24.4cm), US-7, Euro-39, (25.1cm), US-8, Euro-40, (25.7cm), US-9, Euro-41, (26.5cm), US-10, Euro-42, (27.3cm), US-11, Euro-43, (28.1cm), US-12, Euro-44, (28.7cm), US-13, Euro-45, (29.4cm)

Wheel Size

90mm*4 Wheels, 100mm*4 Wheels, 110mm*4 Wheels


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