Recto Rubber Wheel 65mm 70A


The best type of skate wheel to use for a quad roller skate is a rubber wheel. Rubber wheels are ideal for recreational skating, as they provide extra grip and traction on smooth surfaces, making skating easier and more enjoyable. They provide a smooth ride and generally last longer than other types of wheels. Additionally, rubber wheels are also quieter than other types of wheels, making them more suitable for indoor skating.

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Recto Skates Rubber Wheel Set

The Recto rubber wheels used in these skates are highly durable, economical, and equipped with 55mm wheels of 50A hardness. Rubber and Waste Carbon are combined to make it solid.

Features include
Wheel Purpose – Beginner Skating

Size- 65mm

Weight- 120 grams per wheel

Hardness: 70 A

Surfaces: Plastic, Wood, Slick Sport Court, Synthetic Track

Color: Black

It is sold in 8 PCS

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm


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