Recto Ice Blade Oiled Stone


Durable Sharpener Stone This sharpener stone is made by durable German grit silicon carbide, it will last for years to come. So the Vizora Tiger Silicon Carbide German Combination Stone will be the most useful friend for your lifetime
User Friendly and Easy to Clean Our sharpening waterstone kit is extremely easy to assemble. Look up the instructions in our “product description”, you can easily sharp your knife. This sharpener stone uses WATER for sharpening , so it can be easily cleaned using water
Silicone Base Equipped with Anti-slip Case Complete knife sharpener comes with Silicone base for holding the stone, the design of non -slip case in the bottom can make sure the stone is FIXED IN ONE PLACE while sharpening
One side for grit coarse sharpening abs second side for grit fine sharpening. Vizora Tiger Silicon Carbide German Combination Stone is lightweight and easy to carry.Suitable for family kitchen tool sharpening, woodworking chisel,jade,seals or carving knives .
Combination oilstone has 100 grit on one face for repairing steel cutting edges and 320 grit on the opposite face for sharpening and maintaining them

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Why Choose Recto Speed Blade Sharpnening Stone ?

1. Our sharpening stone can help you sharpen Ice Speed Blade Sharp quickly, and solve the problem of blunt to ice blade that cannot give high speed sharp ice blade on ice rink.

2. It is made of professional corundum, resistant to corrosion, heat

3.Recto Oil Stone can quickly sharpen the small edge of the ice blade, which is very suitable for the passivation caused by long-term use of ice speed blade sharpening.

Weight 400 kg
Dimensions 15 × 5 × 3 cm


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