Cadomotus World Medalist Inline Speed Skate


The World Medalist combines none other than all the top-of-the-line products in the Cádomotus collection. Made up of a Ci1 iD boot mounted on a DualBox®6 frame, equipped with Magic wheels and bearings, the World Medalist is perfection-made skate!

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Our Flagship Skate

The World Medalist is the best racing skate that Cádomotus could have possibly pieced together. It is the ultimate speed weapon: intelligent, carefully thought-out, responsive, reactive, precise… You name it, this skate has it all!

Ci1 iD Boot

This racing boot is the upgraded version of our standard Ci1 boot, a 100% carbon inline racing shoe with a redesigned footbed for optimal power transfer and edge alignment precision, offering unparalleled range of motion and ultimate control.

The Ci1 iD gathers all the pros of customization without the cons. This high-end stock boot is made in one piece, by hand, with carefully selected materials of choice. Its liner, carbon shell base and leather are fully integrated, creating as a result a lightweight, strong, and comfortable monocoque boot.

The shell is made of carbon fibers from Toray Advanced Composites, the word-leading manufacturer in carbon composite materials for high-performance products. Extremely strong and light, those carbon fibers, which have a different layering for each specific part of the shoe, bring responsiveness to the next level!

The lining inside the shoe is made with synthetic microfiber leather, which is more resistant to friction, more stretchable, breathable, flexible and stronger than natural leather. This more durable lining will extend the longevity of your boots!

Last but not least, the Ci1 iD can adopt a wide range of different looks. Personalize your pair by choosing the colorway that perfectly fits you and your style amongst a selection of 16 outstanding and varied options!


DualBox®6 Frame

The sixth edition of our best frame! This is the only 2-in-1 frame on the market, on which you can install three as well as four wheels, thanks to its DualBox technology (tubular sidewalls). That makes the Dualbox6TR the only high-end frame on the market that can actually be used for road and track races. With the World Medalist skate, switch between 4×110 and 3×125 set-ups without having to stress or bother about alternating frames from one competition event to the next.

And those advantageous set-up options are far from being the only special feature of this unique and world-renowned frame. Not only this frame makes you gain precious time, but it also makes you gain precision.

The DualBox frame is made of one piece of aluminum. The tubular sidewall provides rigidity and proportional distribution of power during the full push-off. Thanks to this technology, we don’t need extra reinforcement bridges on our frames, like other brands do – which bring unevenness in the rigidity of the frame. DualBox ensures that the stiffness is exactly the same in all areas of the frame, which provides more control, stability and predictability. And when you compete at a high level, this can make the difference. Every skater wants to be in tune with the surface, especially in the moments that count.


Magic Bearings and Magic Wheels

The World Medalist speed skate comes with our versatile performance wheel, the Magic Wheel. With its dual band and TPU hub, it offers high grip and snappy response. This is a great all-rounder wheel, adding to the excellent control that the skate already provides, especially in the corners.

The World Medalist is the culmination of all our years of experience and practice. All the best products of our brand are combined together to create the ideal blend for elite speed skating performance. Enhance your potential, boost your power, precision and reactivity, and embrace the intelligence of motion movement with this one-of-a-kind racing skate.


In short:

  • Ci1 iD Boot – one-piece racing shoe with innovative new footbed, with carbon fiber shell and with synthetic microfiber leather lining, available in 16 colorways.
  • DualBox®6 Frame – 6th version of our famous 2-in-1 frame (4×110 and 3×125) designed with our unparalleled and groundbreaking DualBox technology.
  • Magic Wheels – great all-rounder performance wheels.
  • Magic Bearings – fast and reliable.

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 35 × 30 × 25 cm

37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47


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