Atom Savant Quad Skate 62mm 97A


Are you looking for a skate session with comfort and glide performance? Take your skates to the next level with these comfortable, high-performance skates. With Atom Sawant Quad professional Speed Skates you will never be alone, the shoes, wheels, and bearings will support you forever!  

Size Guide
Image Size Guide

SHOE- Invest in our skate shoes that last longer. A Grade Genuine quality leather is used in the construction of the shoes, as well as soft cushioning on the inside to make them comfortable for skaters. High quality eyelets are used in the shoe. The shoe and the sole are well-assembled, meaning the skate will last a long time. Additionally, it has 60″ cotton laces of good strength. 

FRAME- They feature a lightweight 66-grade Nylon Frame with solid weight strength. The best part you ask? Its aerodynamic design will help it accelerate faster. Plus, the screws used in brackets are strong and lightweight.  

BEARING- The Recto Swiss Gold White Ceramic Professional high-Speed bearings with white balls provide a uniform speed and a high level of stability. These bearings can roll up to 3-5 minutes. Inner core of this skate is made of titanium and a Nylon cage. These bearings are energy-saving and outlast most other bearings.  

WHEEL- Made of urethane, Savant wheel (USA)features a moulded lip. In addition to reducing weight, the oversized core increases speed. The moulded lip plays a key role in maintaining grip characteristics at higher speeds. Atom Savant comes with a 62mm wheel size that ensures more stability on the sports surface while 97A Hardness is for speed and smoothness. Per wheel the weight is 80g making it more convenient for small age groups.  

 The package comes with a Professional Quad Bag having space for a helmet protection guard and skates.

 Size Guidance : Choose 2cm extra as we will give same size. Follow the size picture chart.


Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 35 × 30 × 15 cm

Kid UK-9 (Foot Length 16.5cm), Kid UK-10 (Foot Length 17.7cm), Kid UK-11 (Foot Length 18.4cm), Kid UK-12 (Foot Length 19cm), Kid UK-13 (Foot Length 20.5cm), Junior UK-1 (Foot Length 21.4cm), Junior UK-2 (Foot Length 22cm), Junior UK-3 (Foot Length 22.5cm), Junior UK-4 (Foot Length 23.5cm), Junior UK-5 (Foot Length 24.1cm), Senior UK-6 (Foot Length 25cm), Senior UK-7 (Foot Length 26cm), Senior UK-8 (Foot Length 26.5cm), Senior UK-9 (Foot Length 27.2cm), Senior UK-10 (Foot Length 28cm)


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