Cadomotus Ci1 Pro Inline Custom Boot


A custom boot for inline speedskating that is hand built with care, using the best leather fabrics and carbon fibers. Choose your color and stand out from the pack.

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Are you striving to be the best you can be? Our custom-made shoes will give you the extra push you need. Custom shoes can be made with a little bit more stiffness than a traditional shoe because of the precise fit. And that precise fit will also give you more control.
You might think that the production of custom shoes is a long-term and expensive process. But we’re living in the twenties, so we don’t need to make custom (inline) skate shoes from a gypsum print, or make adjustments with a file and a hammer based on naked-eye estimations. And the price might surprise you.
Together with a leading Dutch orthopedic company, we’ve been developing a custom shoe for two years now on the basis of 3D digital scanning. With advanced computer technologies – which are definitely more dependable than ‘naked eye’ – we design a production last that will be the starting point for your perfect shoe.
The first Cádomotus shoes are being used by our professional athletes. The future is now!
We have developed a unique procedure in which feet are digitally scanned.
  • The scan provides us with the perfect outlines of the bottom of the heel and forefoot, which allows for a perfect outline for the mounting blocks.
  • The straight alignment with your Achilles tendon ensures that you are standing perfectly straight on your feet.
  • We determine the natural position of your foot and with your own preferences and all the data that we have collected from the scans, we determine the waist of your shoe. The waist of your shoe has a big impact on the pressure distribution and the amount of control you have.
  • Certain anomalies like painful spots or foot bumps are determined.
  • Specialists will check to see if the 3D scan is complete and accurate.
In the next step, the scan will be converted into production last for the fitting shoe. This method is accurate, reliable, fast, and incomparable with the old fashion methods that we’re used to. The production is computerized and that’s why the terms of delivery are significantly shorter.
These are the twenties. No more gypsum or enormous costs for a custom shoe. A 3D digital scan and leading-edge computer technology can get you the perfect shoe for your feet only!
Would like to know more about how it works?

Read our blog with a detailed description and illustrations.

Stiffness Extremely stiff-hard+maximum control
Moldability arch+heel+ankle
Mount spacing (mm) 195
Mount options longitudinal slide slot
Upper fabric microfiber
Boot liner antibacterial microfiber
Shell composite carbonfiber
Closure Double Freelock® Dial + laces
Collar height 3/4 ankle
Approx. weight ½ pair (g) 350
Weight .500 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 cm

Euro 34, Euro 35, Euro 36, Euro 37, Euro 38, Euro 39, Euro 40, Euro 41, Euro 42, Euro 43, Euro 44, Euro 45, Euro 46, Euro 47


Matte Neon, Matte Red, Metallic Blue, Silver White Metallic, Organic Black, Organic Blue, Organic White, Textured Purple, Matte Flamingo Pink, Matte Sweet Pink, Matte Iron Gray, Matte Carbon Black, Brown Leather, Camo Black, Camo Green


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