Cadomotus All Mount Ice Blades


Longtrack ice skating with your inline skate- or short track boots? This blade always fits

A long track blade that can also be used with boots for inline skating or short track, it sounds logical and it actually is. But until recently it was almost impossible. With the Allmount Ice Blades, you can now start long track skating with your inline boots or your short track boots. And it’s not just handy, it also saves you money. 

It’s probably familiar: the whole summer you’re skating on an inline boot that fit like a glove and you would love to also use them on ice in the winter. Or as a short-track skater, you would like to do some long tracking every now and then on your short track boots, but not on those high short track blades.

Size Guide
Image Size Guide
Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 25 × 10 × 6 cm

14" Blade, 14.5" Blade, 15" Blade, 15.5" Blade, 16" Blade, 16.5" Blade, 17" Blade, 17.5" Blade


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